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with Sigourney Belle

A Deep Dive immersion for women into the Feminine Tantric Arts & Sacred Embodiment


A deep dive immersion into the Feminine Tantric Arts & Sacred Embodiment

Designed to take you home to the core essence of who you are, beyond the mind and your conditioning, WILDGRACE immersions are deep dives into soul embodiment working with quantum healing and transformational embodiment practises.

Designed to evolve consciousness and connect you back to your natural innate sensuality & connection to your wild, primal nature.  


A certified modality with the IICT, the intention behind the creation of WILDGRACE™ is to take people on transformational healing and awakening journeys into the depths of their inner landscape, so that they can unlock the feeling of being HOME in their bodies.

It’s to connect people back to the truth of who they are, through wild, embodied and erotic dance, tantric embodiment practises and sensual restoration techniques. It’s to mobilise and awaken people to experiencing the ecstacy of being alive and fully present in the body. Through the reclamation of our own life force and inner source of empowerment , we can create positive change- both within ourselves, our community and collectively, to raise and shift the vibration on the planet.  

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The content offered in these spaces remains largely a mystery until the weekend of the immersion, as it is bought through, in the moment, based upon the collective and group field and what's present and alive and wanting to reveal itself.

With that said, there will be a number of practises, this weekend, that we will work with, that are themed to the DEEP feminine and unlocking the truth beyond the mind and into the realms where she lies and is lying dormant and ready to be awakened. 

When we connect back to and awaken her, we remember who we truly are. 

This weekend is designed to give you practises and take your on journeys to reconnect you back with the deepest, most restful and also ALIVE, AWAKE and VITAL part of who you are. 

Practises to connect you back to your core self & the wild, erotic feminine within. 

Tantric Ecstatic Breathwork practises. 
Tantric Dance and movement practises. 

Feminine & masculine embodiment, guided meditation and connection practises. 

Erotic Shadow and Archetypal embodiment practises. 

We will be particularly focusing on the EARTH , WATER & AIR element- the base, our sacred sexual essence and heart. 

Both the dark and the light feminine in men and women and the archetypes that correlate with these – the sacred whore and the dark serpent energy with us.

You will discover ways to invoke and activate these parts of yourself and learn how to integrate them into your life for greater wholeness, pleasure and fulfillment. 


This weekend immersion will be facilitated by Sigourney Belle, the founder of WILDGRACE.

Sigourney is a Revolutionary Leader and Teacher of the Mystical Arts and Sacred Embodiment. She is passionate about teaching the gateways to inner liberation and ecstacy through connecting people back to the depths of feeling and connection as well as the intuitive wisdom of the body.

Her gift is in her ability to hold and facilitate transformative spaces where you are able to learn to meet yourself more deeply and discover the tools to expansive love, passion and power.

With 8 years background studying and working as a bodyworker and Teacher of Spiritual Science, Tantra and The Mystical Arts & Embodiment, as well as being a psychic medium, her teachings are both grounded in knowledge as well as having an element of magic.

You can find out more about her work by heading to her Instagram page or by visiting her website





Soma Yoga, Hebelstrasse 23 a, 79104 Freiburg


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Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th of June

TIMES- 10am-6pm daily

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to register your name at the door- we will be strictly locking the doors at 10am to start the journey.

Please bring comfortable clothing to move and dance in as well as an outfit which best represents what you're wanting to step in and own within yourself. 

There will be a 1 hour lunch break from 1-2pm on both days. You will need to bring/purchase your own lunch during these times. Snacks will be provided in the morning.





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EARLYBIRD – BEFORE February 23rd $330 exc GST

FULL PRICE – AFTER September 21st $370 exc GST

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If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us


PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds offered for this event/training. With approval from the WILDGRACE team, you may apply for the workshop/training to be postponed to a later date.

We are looking forwards to taking this journey with you.





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